Ectoplasmic Checkerboards

computer-generated checkerboard (proto-ectoplasmic)computer-generated checkerboard (ectoplasmic)computer-generated checkerboard (nebulous)computer-generated checkerboard (nebulously dissolute)computer-generated ectoplasma (post-checkered)

The room we were in was all uncurtained plate glass looking out onto the upper floors in an armchair half-hidden by luxuriant green plants shaking his head with a strangled cry entirely lined with mirrors. “Oh look, Mister Sandoz!” Eileen exclaimed, “Ectoplasm as I live and breathe!” His chin dropped in horror as he opened his eyes to look down at this huge great big Kelly green satin ass. Eileen was down on her hands and knees. She was always carrying on like she was one of the great beauties of all time, she had these enormous tits she would carry in both her arms and came at you sort of sidewise rocking these tits in her cradling arm … but her private reputation was that she was the only woman in London who could suck two cocks off at the same time.

Brion Gysin (Here to go: planet R-101); abridged