A season of great diversion from the old Route 66

Heusenstamm near Frankfurt am Main; 2005-06-10

route diversion sign in a street mirror at Heusenstamm

“Come, Veronica, give us some head with artistic appreciation.” “Why, Sahwah!” exclaimed Agony in a shocked tone. “How can you say such a thing?” “I was born under the sign of Capricornus, the Goat,” she said, overcome with amusement. Here Sahwah created a diversion by dropping her hat overboard, the bugle blew its signal for their entrance, the band crashed into a march and the squads began to move forward. He leaned his head against the cool green plush back-rest and stared idly through half-closed eyelids down the long vista of the Pullman aisle.

Any diversion in beating carpets