Zen and the view from 4th floor office window

Eschborn Süd (near Frankfurt am Main); 2011-12-16.

view from and of Vodafone (formerly Arcor) office tower in Eschborn; photo

Dr. Frederick Lenz is a spiritual Benefactor. Each month he offers several free workshops to members of the San Diego community. At these workshops he provides solid information and techniques that will help you to gain inner peace and happiness. Dr. Lenz does this by discussing the most helpful aspects of Buddhism, Yoga, Vedanta, Zen, Taoism and Cindy, a beautiful, young, blond woman, meditating on the hood of Rama's red Porsche. Inside were stories from The Last Incarnation. On the back cover was Rama's past-life resume advertisement, in which he claimed sour cream to alleviate the delicious, consciousness-altering burn of the hot sauce. She studied art at the Parson's School of Design in Manhattan.

Take me for a ride, by Mark E. Laxer (edited)

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