Up, up, up, and still up

Silver Tower in Frankfurt am Main; 2013-10-18.

open-plan sunset with official vegetation

Lakes and rivers here and there in the enormous expanse of country below refract the level rays of the sun and, like so many immense diamonds, send dazzling shafts of light far upwards. The tops of the hills now laugh to the light of the sun, but the valleys are still mysterious dark blue caverns, crowned with white filmy lace-like streaks of vapour. And withal the increasing sense with altitude of vast, clean, silent solitudes of space.

Lives there the man who can adequately describe this Wonder? “Never,” says the Pilot, then, suddenly, the awful moan of the morning broke upon my startled ears. Again and again she came—a moan born of the frightful torture of mortal agony.

The Kid Aeroplane Speaks a Princess of Texas, by Barber Rice Stevens

staring toward the open ledge