laughing off into the sky

Pollarded sycamores lining the riverside promenade on Frankfurt's south bank; photo

After that I came down and lived in the cool stones and the vines rain sunshine a long time I was there I didn't go into the treetops because I knew I could not get above them and I didn't try to leave the clearing any more I stayed in stones and vines and tree trunks near the ground couldn't get any further feeling the net pulling me and teeth tearing through his gums I know that if I fear begging for help the women I will be helpless in the yellow light running into them the dead around like birdcalls helpless in the net rubbing himself and I got hands pumped it for a while my head saw me and screamed the bones at me begging for help under the stones and vines I could see my body lying there empty I couldn't talk without a throat the face down there worms in the leg twisted back

William S. Burroughs : The Wild Boys