An equal number of venusian sexes

Freiburg im Breisgau; 2008-10-13

venusian sign | evening sun and shadow

The white patch of light overhead spread until it encompassed all the top of the globe. The whole area was glowing. The people were white, spectral shapes, transparent! And the top of the globe was transparent; I saw the night sky, with the gleaming reddish stars. It was, in a moment, as though we were staring up at a huge square window orifice cut in the top of the room. A broad vista of cloudless sky and stars was visible. Across it, like a shining sword, was a narrow, opalescent beam. … The Earth-beam still swept the heavens like a stiff, upstanding sword. To this girl from Venus it came as naturally as she breathed. But when do we eat?

A trip to Venus, by John Munro; edited

The giant Venusian continued doggedly